Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haiti EarthQuake Relief Scam?

This is just a quick update on the events going down in Haiti.

I did an article about a US weather modifier called HAARP.
In the article I discussed the reason why some are speculating that the earth quake was inflicted by the US Gov. One of those reasons were to take full dictatorship of Haiti's government (Political reasons). Haitians were fearful of all the military Aids provided by the Government. Well recently in the news, Which of course is not being broadcasted here in the US, individual journalists had taken it upon themselves to invesitgate the circumstances.

Here are some videos of what they found...

People in the US are being distracted by Grammy Awards and other nonesence in the media to keep them from the truth. Meanwhile the suffering in Haiti is not improving infact it is becoming worse.

All the aid collected by those celebrity marathons(Hope for Haiti) are scams. They are pocketing most of the money and using this crises to promote themselves (politically and for marketing their music) and 1/3rd of it is being distributed to help Haiti. People wake up you are being bamboozled!

This whole thing reeked of scam from the get go in my opinion.

Pray for Haiti!


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